The Intravibes case

How to Digitize a Company with €20.60 per month

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The Context

Through this Case Study we will get to know the experience of a Consulting Company and discover how the
Digital Transformation
can not only streamline business processes, but also bring an exponential increase in revenue.

To better understand how this was possible, we need to know more about the society that experienced the results of this transformation up close.

Intravibes is a London based company specialized in supporting Startups by providing Strategic Consulting. The company, which is relatively young as it launched in early 2019, has focused its customer research strategy on both physical events and traditional word-of-mouth.

In a short time, the number of consultancies and projects carried out became numerous. A management that had proved to be ideal for a young reality became, however, in a short time, very inadequate.

The Problem

In order to structure a digital transformation process, we first started with the main critical issues that emerged in the first phase of the company’s operations:

Resource saturation and excessive operational costs associated with the physical management of events and appointments became unmanageable problems as the months passed. March 2020 and the arrival of the pandemic have made this approach no longer sustainable, and the shift to digital has become not only useful, but now necessary.

Digitization was no longer a choice, but a primary necessity!

First steps in Digital

The digital shift soon brought
unexpected results
: bookings for consultations have increased significantly.
However, the transformation also brought a number of problems:

  1. Confusion in appointments: since there was no automated booking system, the numerous booking requests were not adequately handled, turning into lost revenue opportunities;
  2. Delays in consultations: Appointments became more and more numerous and involved a fast pace. However, it happened that the schedule was not adhered to by clients who, in the absence of a reminder, caused cascading delays;
  3. Difficulties in managing customer information: The number of requests and information received from customers increased over time and their organization soon became more complex.

The Digital Transformation process was not easy at first. With the right tools, though, the results came!

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The Solution

We realized that managing consultations and events digitally was possible and simple. Sure, with the right tools!

With the Company, we developed this transformation from the problems that emerged in the first phase. Digitizing appointments and events proved profitable early on, so all that was needed was to identify the best ways to leverage this advantage.

The transition to digital has included the use of some tools that we see below.


Since the consulting service is the “product” of the company, we tested all the tools on the market to find the one that would guarantee the best stability and quality of the video call.

Our research has shown that
was the most suitable solution to overcome the need to hold several Webinars. In this case, we assessed that the PRO plan was the most suitable for the company’s needs


In order to reduce the resources used to manage bookings and ensure their automation, the tool used was
 A simple and intuitive tool designed to allow the customer to book an appointment independently, selecting day and time according to the availability visible on the calendar.

Thanks to Calendly, a link is emailed to the user, from which they can access the calendar for booking. Once the client selects their preference, they then receive an email confirmation with a Zoom link to the meeting and, most importantly, a reminder prior to the appointment.

Synchronization with Google Calendar and Outlook allows you to view bookings made by clients and add or delete time slots depending on commitments.


One of the critical issues that emerged in the first phase of the Digital Transformation concerned the difficulty of managing the contacts and information received from potential customers. The ideal tool to solve it was


. Among the different functions, the one selected was the CRM: an area to keep track of the progress of all ongoing business negotiations. At a glance it became possible to understand which contacts were waiting for the scheduling of the first appointment, which ones were waiting for the receipt of the quote, the number of lost contacts and those converted into customers. All in one clear view.


The last tool worth highlighting is


Zapier is also an automation tool that allows information to be shared between the many applications used in daily operations.

Zapier automates communication between applications, creating information flows. This saves a lot of time and, above all, prevents data loss when switching from one tool to another.

In practical terms, it was possible to link the completion of contact forms on the Website with CRM (HubSpot). In this way, every time a potential customer enters their data on the site, these are also automatically entered in the CRM. Everything is done autonomously and without the slightest investment of time.


Increase in billable hours

Reduced travel and management costs

Increased customer satisfaction

And all this with an Investment of only 20,60€ per month


Zoom Pro


Calendly Premium





Identifying wasted resources and finding the right tools to eliminate them is the first step in seeing business margins increase. The second is…getting down to business!

If you wanted to delve to the end into the case of Intravibes, we are grateful and we assume that you are interested in the services of
Digital Transformation
. For any information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to analyze your case and accompany you in the digital transformation path that will soon make you think “But why didn’t I do it before?”.

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