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The killer issues in 2022

Booking override

The many Booking platforms, strong in their position, eat into our business margins and fill our rooms with deal-hunting customers.

Digital Inadequacy

We come across 10 year old Websites every day that don't sell, have no digital strategy and don't reflect the beauty of the facility.

Aggressive Competition

The competition now is not just with our neighbors. Low cost flights have changed the market and put us in competition with any facility in the world.

Covid-related difficulties

As if that weren't enough, the pandemic has also been added to slow the growth of many facilities, bringing the entire industry to its knees.

But don’t despair, to everything there is a solution! Italian accommodation facilities are a diamond in the rough: they just need to be refined!

And how can we help you?

Building your Website

The Website is the foundation of any self-respecting digital strategy! But not just any Site will do: you need a design that reflects the beauty of your facility, with a user experience that will sell as much as possible. This is to achieve our mission: Sold Out! What can we do for you?

Finding Customers on Google

You’ll be able to intercept people at the exact moment they’re planning a vacation and show them your offer. This will guarantee you top quality leads and higher sales. What do we do in practice?

Finding customers on Facebook

Through Facebook and Instagram Ads, you don’t have to wait for customers to show an interest. We’ll be the ones creating it! What do we do in practice?

Increasing Sales with Email

Thanks to a series of Email campaigns throughout the year you can guarantee zero-cost bookings. You can also use this channel to update all potential customers of offers and news!

Want to sell more rooms online on YOUR terms?

Leave us your details and we will contact you to schedule a Knowledge Call (free and without obligation)!

Why us?

Tailoring Projects

We are not the usual listed company that sells the same solutions to everyone: for us, each reality is different and needs a unique and dedicated approach.

Web Boutique

We like to call ourselves a Boutique. Why? We only work on projects we believe in and we have a different structure from classic web agencies. Results are the basis of all reasoning!

We are Google Certified Partners

Thanks to our performance, managed advertising budgets and certifications we are Google Partner certified.

Report Care

We have decided not to have "filters" with our customers (e.g. Sales Representatives). You'll talk directly to the people working on your project: us.

Advertising Experts

After creating your Website we can help you with the hardest part: driving traffic and acquiring new customers. How? Through targeted ads on Facebook and Google!

Want to sell more rooms online on YOUR terms?

Leave us your details and we will contact you to schedule a Knowledge Call (free and without obligation)!

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