The case of Hotel Internazionale

176.203 € of Turnover only with Google Ads

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The Context

In this Case Study we are going to take a closer look at the experience of theHotel Internazionale in Igea Marina. Specifically we will talk about strategies Google Ads for Hotels .

Why might it be interesting to read about this experience? To take a cue from the strategy used and gain information that can be replicated in your Facility as well!

To better understand the case let’s introduce the Hotel in question:

  • It is a Family Hotel;
  • It is part of the hotel context of the Riviera Romagnola;
  • Works in the summertime.

The Opportunity: Facebook OK but without great satisfaction

Let’s start right away with an important lesson: there is no such thing as a strategy that works for everyone! As similar as industries may seem to us, we cannot assume that what has worked for a certain business then works for all of them.

This is very clear in this very situation. With several hotels we were running Facebook Ads campaigns with excellent profits and good response from the audience, so we tried to replicate a similar strategy with the International Hotel. But the results were not what was hoped for.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still talking about profitable campaigns with more than satisfactory returns on investment, but we knew that we could have achieved more .

In your choices based on numbers and facts, not bias and assumptions!

The change of course:
Advertising on Google

As we said, Facebook was bringing good results but we didn’t want to settle. We have therefore decided to allocate part of the advertising budget to Google Ads . Right away we noticed several advantages over Facebook campaigns:

  • Of the best performance, beyond any prediction;
  • A smaller number of prior requests but with a much more concrete interest in staying in the facility;
  • Themore concrete interest turned into a higher conversion rate (Customers/Prevents);
  • The lower number of prior requests allowed secretaries to be able to process requests in a shorter timeframe (further increasing the conversion rate).

To make a difference at this point you have to intercept the right questions and give the best answers!

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We have created several campaigns to be able to achieve different business goals.

  1. The first campaign is aimed at protect the Brand . We then go to show our ad on Google when people search for words like “Hotel Internazionale Igea Marina“, this is to ensure that our hotel would come out before that of competitors who were advertising to the detriment of our brand.
  2. The second campaign is acquisition of new customers . Almost immediately we had to exclude the campaign that leveraged the location (eg. hotel rimini) as too expensive, and we have instead focused more on searches consistent with the services in which the hotel is very strong (hotels for families).
  3. During the season there were other support campaigns aimed at covering those historically more complex periods, such as the first weeks of June and September.

Results? Let's let the numbers do the talking!


invested in Google Ads


directly generated turnover

+ 62 %

return on investment

+ 100 %

customer satisfaction

Good and serious. In a short time Luca and Roberto brought us very good results but that never made them “sit”. Every month there are comparisons and changes that always bring us that extra something. Over the years I had been accustomed to standard solutions where, during all the seasons, we always did the same things with much less exciting results. After the great work he did in 2021, we put him in charge of all of our Marketing.

Rosella Zavatta

International Hotel Manager

If you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing you’re also looking for new ways to find clients. For any doubt or information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to analyze your situation and help you, as we did with the Hotel Internazionale, to achieve your goals!

Oh we forgot… if you are looking for a Family Hotel to spend your vacations in the Riviera Romagnola visit !

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