The Blue Paradise Hotel case

108,406 € Extra Sales with Facebook Ads

Blue Paradise Hotel

The Context

In this brief Case Study we are going to analyze our experience with the Blue Paradise Hotel in San Mauro Mare. In particular we will see the
advertising strategy
adopted, the problems and the incredible results obtained.

To better understand the situation we specify that:

  • It is a new Hotel;
  • It is inserted in the hotel sector of Romagna;
  • The hotel’s typical client is the family;
  • The lockdown had completely wiped out bookings.

The Problem: Launching a Hotel during Covid-19

Due to the lockdown period and the widespread uncertainty caused by covid-19, we found ourselves at the end of May without a single reservation. On average, reservations for the season already exceeded 60% of the hotel’s capacity.

It was therefore necessary to field all possible weapons. The hotel was opening in one of the most historically complicated periods and this could only be a problem, couldn’t it! Together with Elia, director of the hotel, we decided to see
the opportunity
who was hiding behind the problem.

Although the period was very difficult something could be done, and that something was done!

The Marketing Idea: Advertising on Facebook

Late May. Zero reservations.

Analyzing the situation we understand that Facebook could be a
Winning advertising channel
. This is in spite of the fact that in the hotel industry it is customary to focus almost exclusively on Google advertising.

Google has the peculiarity of intercepting the user’s need when it is manifested through a Google search. But in such a special period, people were not actively looking for a vacation. So another solution was needed!

had all the cards in order: it was possible to reach thousands and thousands of people where they already were, on Social Media!

In this way we were not going to intercept the few people who showed a desire, but we were going to create this desire in as many people as possible!

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We have created several advertising campaigns focusing on key aspects for us such as:

  1. The opening sentence that would combine the desire for relaxation and vacation with the search for security (given the sensitive period);
  2. Show the services included while letting the reader dream;
  3. Avery interesting offer for the target we were going to reach (families);
  4. The ability to request a free quote in the post comments, minimizing the effort to leave your information.

Alongside this, we then launched other campaigns with the aim of reaching those who had
showed interest in the offer
but had not left their data and to promote the “dead” periods (such as September).

Result? Full hotel until closing day!


invested in Facebook Ads


extra turnover generated

-75 %

on cost per quote


people reached

After the experience of the summer season 2020, the management has decided to entrust us with all the online communication, starting from the advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google, up to the creation of a new site more functional and better design.

We had decided to launch Blue Paradise before the covid-19 explosion and never expected such a situation. With the help of DIGITAMI we were able to correct a season that seemed, until June, compromised. They were quick, efficient but most importantly they brought in the turnover we needed! Many thanks!

Elia Pazzini

Director Blue Paradise Hotel

If you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing you’re also looking for new ways to find clients. For any doubt or information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to analyze your situation and help you, as we did with the Blue Paradise Hotel, to achieve your goals!

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